God made dirt…

Every little kid needs to experience the joy of splashin’ thru a mud puddle at least once in their life! Afterall, God made dirt…and dirt don’t hurt! Since it rained during this year’s Spring Minis we decided to take it outdoors for a few minutes and let these kiddos do their own thing! These images are some of my recent favorites! I love everything about them, especially how every time I look at them I can hear the giggles, and the mud squishin’ and water splashin’ and the sound of little voices sayin’ “dairs a fwog JJ…dairs a fwog!”

Spring Minis 2016-2778spring minis 2016-2844spring minis 2016-2803spring minis 2016-2810spring minis 2016-2811spring minis 2016-2735spring minis 2016-2736spring minis 2016-2737spring minis 2016-2758spring minis 2016-2763

spring minis 2016-2333 spring minis 2016-2317 spring minis 2016-2360spring minis 2016-2344 spring minis 2016-2320spring minis 2016-2300 spring minis 2016-2311

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