Baby Turtles and Big Lessons

Something magical happens when little boys are allowed to be little boys. The wonder, the excitement, the questions, the answers…what an amazing creation little boys are. I love frilly dresses, and glitz and glam and all things girly but nothing warms my heart quite like the carefree nature of a little boy wandering around discovering life, one mud puddle at a time. Obviously if you follow my work then you know my nephew John Franklin aka Dooder and you also probably know that when I went home to visit this past Spring it rained pretty much the entire time. All the planning for Spring photos was out the window so down the dirt roads we went…thus resulting in all these recent mud puddle posts! One afternoon when my mom brought home a baby turtle she rescued in a parking lot I took Dooder down to the creek to release him….(you know because baby turtles must go back into the creek so they can find their mommies) and it resulted in all of my favorite things rolled into one session….Dooder, dirt roads, baby animals, and messy hair! Oh, and watching a tiny human learn the value of loving and respecting all God’s creatures!

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